Emergency Locksmith

Home insurance includes services and assistance that a homeowner needs on a regular and/or recurring basis. This is the case of emergency or 24-hour locksmith. It is the type of help that insurance companies offer their clients within their catalog of benefits. Therefore it is possible that the insurance will cover it.

The most important thing when hiring insurance for your home is not to stay with the most popular coverage or standard policies, but to design a totally customized product for you. Do you want to have an emergency locksmith included? Many insurance companies, the main and most experienced in the sector, will allow it without problems, hire it, and enjoy this assistance whenever you need it.

What is an emergency locksmith service?

Emergency locksmith coverage or 24 hours, as many policies also collect it, is a service of sporadic use, but not so rare so it is worth knowing if you have it or not in your policy, under what circumstances and to what extent.

Urgent locksmith services are those that must be attended outside of business hours and / or on holidays. The insurance covers urgent locksmith situations when the cause for which it is needed is not misused, deterioration, or lack of maintenance.

Urgent locksmith situations covered in the insurance

It is important to check the details of your locksmith coverage in each specific policy as there are more or less important differences between one and the other, but as a general rule, a series of scenarios are covered that motivate the need for a locksmith.

  • Loss of keys outside the home
  • Forgetting the keys inside the house.
  • Loss of keys
  • Attempted burglary with damage to the lock

At the other extreme, keep in mind that insurance does not usually address external situations such as the change of a bowler for safety, aesthetics, pleasure, reform, or malfunction. These are house maintenance situations that do not require urgent attention, they are not unforeseen or accidents.

What do I do if I need an emergency locksmith?

If you have stayed away from home with the keys inside, it is best to contact your insurance assistance service before taking other measures. It is the best way to confirm whether or not this assistance is included in your policy, both in this circumstance and in any other in which you need the immediate services of a locksmith.

The insured service will confirm how this type of assistance works in your company, the average waiting time, the type of professional who is going to send you, what services are included -material and/or labor- or time of work. Do not be left with doubts and ask and explain the whole situation so that you receive the best service and in the fastest way.

When the circumstance arises that you need a locksmith quickly, but there is no home insurance or it has not been contracted, the company often facilitates the location of a reliable and fast professional with all the guarantees so that they can also solve the domestic problem.

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