Plastic or copper pipes to installing a water softener?

To this day we can say that plastic pipes prevail over metal pipes, such as copper or iron, they do not suffer from corrosion and although there are and exist many I would begin by verifying the qualities of each of them, as they begin to be seen many brands and models of plastic pipes on the market, here we mention the most notable

Some areas don’t allow it at all, and others allow it for everything except drinking water supply pipes. If allowed, plastic pipes can be a good choice, because they are less expensive, easier to work with (to cut, join, and maneuver), self-insulating, and resistant to weathering and corrosion.

Can I clog my sink from throwing debris?

First of all, a common misconception about disposing of garbage through the sink is that you must use hot water when executing the disposal. This can cause problems, as the hot water softens or melts the fats, although they can later harden more in the pipes, causing blockages. First of all, it is better to throw this type of waste in the trash or install a garbage disposal.

With a waste disposer installed in the sink, almost all food waste can be disposed of through the sink, with the exception of shells, shells, and in general all that hard layer waste. Never put non-food garbage down the sink drain.

How do I know if I have a leak?

In the first place, it is obvious that if we detect a stain on the wall or a raised floor, we have a high probability of having found the leak, we can also locate it through the water bill itself, which will have a notable excess in the amount, And finally, another way to know if you have a leak would be by looking at the water meter.

What Causes My Low Water Pressure?

In addition to the problems of the waterline, the water pressure can be affected by the problems of the valves, the accumulation of deposits in the pipes such as lime among others, and some other blockage. Check with your neighbors to see if your water pressure has been affected and have a plumber check to detect if there are important obstructions that could be reducing the pressure in your home or perform a decalcification or hydro-cleaning of the pipes, you will get a greater increase of pressure.

What are the differences between hard and soft water?

Soft water has lower concentrations of certain ions that cause deposits and accumulation (especially calcium and magnesium). So soft water protects pipes, prevents build-up, makes water-using appliances more efficient, keeps your fixtures nice, and keeps your system running smoothly.